Feedback & Market Research Solutions


Powerful, Flexible Software Solutions

Confirmit offers a comprehensive range of capabilities that enable you to deliver high-quality results for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research programs. See below to learn about our product offerings.


Confirmit CustomerSat

Confirmit CustomerSat™ is a Web-based Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution used by the world’s leading businesses to capture, analyze, and act on feedback from customers, employees, and partners. Our industry-leading VoC software and services help you drive better business results by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Confirmit Horizons

Confirmit Horizons is a flexible, multi-channel software platform for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs. It provides you with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all your feedback and research projects.


Confirmit Integrasco

Integrasco’s solutions enable businesses to monitor social media and understand how their brands are perceived so they can better engage with customers. Advanced Text Analytics ensures you can generate commercial value from unstructured data and deliver clear ROI.


Feedback and Market Research Solutions for Real Results

Confirmit provides solutions that help businesses gather feedback from customers and employees, analyze the results, and take action to improve business processes. Our products let you create and customize your surveys, deliver them to your customers or employees, and use advanced reporting tools to filter information, create tables and charts, and share important findings and business insight.


Voice of the Customer

Confirmit's VoC programs enable you to directly engage your customers so you can:

  • Deliver positive customer experiences that reinforce your relationships and improve your reputation.
  • Drive informed and intelligent business change that strengthens performance and increases growth.

What our customers have to say about our VoC programs:

"In a referrals-driven business, great service is crucial. Implementing Confirmit to underpin our feedback program has helped us to identify ways in which we can drive business by improving service and giving all our customers a remarkable experience."
Ken Sloan, Vice President, Human Resources, Anthony & Sylvan


Voice of the Employee

Confirmit's VoE programs help you engage employees so you can:

  • Deliver insight from frontline sales and service employees to key stakeholders to drive process improvements.
  • Reduce costs by improving employee engagement and reducing staffing churn rates.

What our customers have to say about our VoE programs:

"Confirmit has paid attention to how its platform can be used for organizational surveys, and they’ve really looked at what we do and how we do it.”
by J.P. Miller, CEO, Louis Allen Worldwide


Market Research Solutions

Confirmit provides everything Market Research agencies and in-house research teams need to:

  • Provide an end-to-end service to customers from data collection to live reports.
  • Streamline processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What our customers have to say about our Market Research programs:

"Our clients expect a premium service from us, and by using Confirmit Horizons we are able to deliver just that."
by Crispin Beale, Chief Executive, Facts International

Solutions by Initiative

Confirmit's highly flexible software platform enables businesses to create engagement management programs that see demonstrable ROI, increase revenue and streamline processes.


Customer Engagement

Engage your customers by asking the right questions, at the right time, and through the right channels.


Employee Engagement

Harness the Voice of the Employee to pinpoint areas that require investment so you can better engage employees and, in turn, customers.


Contact Center

Collect targeted feedback from customers who use your contact center to streamline processes, engage agents, and identify up-sell opportunities.


Mobile Engagement

Capture "in-the-moment" feedback from customers you know and those you don't to gain insight into key Moments of Truth as part of your multichannel Voice of the Customer program.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"We were drawn to the reliability, scalability, and comprehensive features. Finally, we don’t have to worry about performance when we launch a survey."
J.P. Miller, CEO of Louis Allen Worldwide

Solutions by Industry

Businesses across multiple industries use Confirmit to capture the Voice of the Customer, ensuring they provide customer experiences that promote loyalty, reduce churn and create competitive advantage. Whatever industry your company operates in, Confirmit can help you to make decisions that drive success.



Increase loyalty, create outstanding customer experiences, and engage employees, whether in-store, online, or by telephone.



Use feedback to drive investment in the business areas that will drive growth and retain your most profitable customers.



Strengthen customer relationships to increase renewal rates, streamline processes, and engage your agents.


Professional & Business Services

Monitor the health of your key accounts to maximize retention and identify up-sell opportunities.


Market Research

Support your customers by providing them with cutting-edge solutions that drive successful decision-making.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"We conduct an annual review of Confirmit versus the other major survey platforms and we continue to believe that they are staying ahead of the competition"
J.P. Miller, CEO, Louis Allen Worldwide

Solutions by Business Constituency

Confirmit's feedback management solutions deliver value at every level of your business. The flexible reporting platform ensures all your key stakeholders have a clear view of customer insights to aid decision-making and drive business change.


Executive Management

Harness the Voice of the Customer to gain critical competitive advantage, generate ROI, and drive organizational development.


  • Identify key areas for investment that will drive growth.
  • Streamline processes to reduce costs.

Learn more about how we help Executive Management overcome challenges


Customer Service

If customer service is the key competitive battleground, then the Voice of the Customer is crucial to winning that battle.


  • Identify key Moments of Truth to drive customer loyalty.
  • Streamline processes to deliver stronger customer experiences.

Learn more about how we help Customer Service overcome challenges


Insight Team

Deliver real insight by collecting and sharing customer feedback in the way that suits your organization and individual teams.


  • Eliminate data silos for a clear and comprehensive view of the customer.
  • Implement multiple feedback channels to broaden your feedback reach.

Learn more about how we help Insight Teams overcome challenges


Human Resources

Engage employees to deliver customer experiences that increase loyalty and drive success.


  • Identify drivers of employee engagement at all levels.
  • Improve stakeholder buy-in to the engagement process.

Learn more about how we help Human Resources overcome challenges.


Market Research Team

Generate real value for clients by delivering timely and accurate research that answers key questions.


  • Streamline research processes to shorten timelines and reduce costs.
  • Deliver analysis that aids business insight and decision-making.

Learn more about how we help Market Research Teams overcome challenges

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Since implementing the Confirmit platform last year, our revenues have increased by 350%."
Corinne Sandler, Founder and CEO, Fresh Intelligence