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Sean Conry
By Sean Conry

Almost every day we hear from clients who are striving to push beyond “traditional” ways to measure and act on employee engagement metrics. But why is this? Why are so many people in HR striving to build on their employee engagement programs?

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Kathi Gurin
By Kathi Gurin

To get your CX initiatives to the top of the budgeting priority list, you need to demonstrate how your proposed CX strategy and associated technology investments align with the company’s goals. Here are 4 Steps to get you past “go” on budgeting your CX initiatives.

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Stacey Nevel
By Stacey Nevel

The voice of the customer is louder than ever before. Are you listening? Aberdeen’s research shows that multi-modal data collection has become the new normal in capturing customer feedback. Your customers are sharing their feedback – both solicited and unsolicited – in a variety of ways.

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Tore Haggren
By Tore Haggren

As part of Confirmit's 20th Anniversary Tore Haggren shares his story as part of the "20 Years, 20 Stories" blog series.

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Sarah Simon
By Sarah Simon

“How can I show my execs that my team makes a difference, that what we do works?” is a question that pops up now and then, particularly when a new senior leader comes onboard.

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